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Jeff SanGeorgeThe internet has grown into the largest market place in the world. It’s not just a place to buy and sell, it’s a marketplace of ideas, information and a vast network of relationships. This global network, driven by technology, now reaches well beyond our computers. It is on our phones, tablets, TVs, gaming systems and much more. With so much media and so many places and ways to consume it, the challenge for marketers like me quickly becomes one for attention –  attention is the main currency of the digital age.  

Since 2008, I have spent half of my time learning and testing the best strategies and tactics to gain the attention of people who are interested in buying products and services. I spend the other half implementing and creating projects that utilize these very strategies and tactics.

One Site to Rule Them All

I’m a person who spends a good part of their time on the web. I’ve been creating graphics for the web since before 2000. But I began all of this internet stuff in earnest back in 2006 when I started my first blog. At the time, that blog was my “online home.” As I spent more time online, I developed a web presence in new places.

As I learned more about the web and how to develop websites, my web presence and the number of places where I was active online grew and soon my online activity was spread all around “the interwebs.” We all have many facets, both personally and professionally, but this website is not about my personal facets. This website is a place to highlight my professional work and public interests. This website is the hub for all of my public online activities, a place that will reflect all of my diverse interests and passions. Below you’ll find a list of some of those passions:



I’ve enjoyed creating art as long as I could remember. In high school, I studied drawing and painting. In college, I studied color, shape, illustration, typography and much more. Then in 1993, I was introduced to the dynamic combination of Adobe and Macintosh, and it was love at first sight! Since then, I have been finding better ways to use software and hardware for the purpose of creating designs. My style has matured and evolved over the years. Some of the tools and my designs have changed as well, but I still love creating as much as I ever did! Some of my designs are created for clients and others are just created for fun.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing without strategy is like sailing a ship without a rudder.  The strategy guides the activities and helps to intermittently align the ships course to guide it to the destination.
Today we have the advantage of data and technology to guide our strategy. Experience and intuition are helpful, but without data, marketers are often shooting in the dark. I choose to take a data-driven approach to marketing. My specialty is to create marketing strategies that help to build a strong web presence with measurable goals that are tied to business objectives.




Digital Marketing

In 2002 I was given the opportunity to get involved in national marketing and branding for the company I was working for. The ideas and concepts behind marketing had always intrigued me, but finally I was getting a chance to see them working first hand. In 2007, I began looking at ways to market myself and my own company. I came across some seemingly radical perspectives about marketing from people like Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell. At the same time I was discovering the power of networking and of connecting with people online. Coupled with an insatiable appetite to read and learn, all of this came together in my embrace of the “new” marketing. Whether it’s called new media, inbound, or digital marketing, the concepts, platforms and strategies work, and I’ve learned how to harness these tools to affect positive changes and measurable results in many organizations.


Running a digital marketing agency and helping clients with their blogs doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging myself, but my early love for blogging, and my faith in blogging as an amazing and effective tool have never faded. These days I publish most of my blog posts in one of the following places: on my personal blog (on this website), the Magnetic Blog, or on




Gluten Free

I’ve always been into food. At first, it was just eating food. Then after years of exposure to the hospitality industry, I began to love cooking food. And I used the kitchen as a place to explore and create different types of food. In 2004, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and my thoughts about what I could eat radically changed. After eliminating the food items that contained gluten (wheat, rye and barley), I was forced to rethink almost everything I put in my mouth. Instead of this becoming a negative thing, I took the opportunity to explore creating foods with new, fresher ingredients that was prepared in new and sometimes innovative ways. In short, this was a culinary rebirth for me. And although I don’t have the time and energy to dedicate to cooking as I used to, I still have a passion for cooking gluten free. My current website helps people looking for gluten-free information and resources across the state of North Carolina.

I am also the community Organizer for the Greensboro, NC Gluten Free Support Group and the Gluten Free Food Drive.


Causes and Community Involvement

I believe that to give is to receive. More often than not, giving my time and talents away is more of a benefit to me than anyone else. There are many causes that I am passionate about, and I can’t spend time working on all of them. So I focus my time on just a few causes , including volunteering in different capacities at Grace Community Church.
There are also a few local nonprofits that produce excellent events that I spend my time contributing towards; TEDxGreensboro, and ConvergeSouth. I am on the organizing committee for both. Read more about these causes here.


JeffSanGeorge speaking at ConvergeSouth

What I’m Doing Now

Beside my future plan to “rule the web”, I am currently a partner in a full service digital marketing agency.  I’m also available for projects as a marketing strategist, digital marketing specialist, SEO, web designer and graphic designer. Let me know if I can help you. I’m always happy to sit down and talk over a cup of coffee, or over the phone.

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Digital Marketing

 Marketing is Not A Mystery 

Marketing is not a mysterious thing. On the basic level there are three things marketing aims to do:

  • Increase Awareness of the product or service
  • Make Conversions (an interaction, up to a sale)
  • Retain Existing Customers

Organizations who engage in marketing rightly expect some type of measurable effect from their marketing activities. In the “good old days” of marketing, measurement was performed in sometimes accurate, but often vague ways. Today digital marketing is very measurable, and customers can fully expect quantifiable results for the money they spend. These results, called Return On Investment (ROI), are not some mystical voodoo, but rather a mathematical formula:

  Revenue Earned from Marketing Effort – Marketing Expenses/ Marketing Expenses = ROI  

Marketing efforts, such as branding, don’t involve a direct investment. But if your campaign is tied into financial goals, ROI is an expectation.

 Why all of the mystery and flimflam? 

There are, in fact, some Internet marketers who count on the fact that business owners don’t understand marketing. And they use this mask of mystery to sell their services. These marketers love to use big words and gain an advantage by use FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). I’m here to tell you that there are many factors that you should consider when deciding whether to embark on a marketing campaign, but fear shouldn’t be one of them.

 Marketing: What are you paying for? 

Here is a very simple outline of what a marketing campaign might look like.

 Discovery, Strategy, Creative, Implementation and Measurement 

In each phase, the client pays for the marketer’s knowledge, time and resources. So if you are an organization with good marketing knowledge, time, and resources, you don’t need to hire a marketer! However, if you want to accomplish a marketing goal, and you don’t have one of the three things listed above, you will likely have to hire a marketer to do the work.

 Marketing Knowledge 

Most organizations can arrange to have time and resources to accomplish a goal, but it’s the knowledge that they can’t readily find and use. Some knowledge can be read in a book, some can be learned by watching videos, but real knowledge of marketing requires hands-on experience, practical know-how, and current information. The world of the internet and digital marketing is moving so fast that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with, even sometimes for people in the industry!
Some of the things a digital marketer needs to keep informed about these days include:
Content marketing, mobile apps (iOs and android), design trends, Social media trends, Twitter hover cards, Facebook advertising, search engine optimization, current web standards, pay-per-click advertising, retargeting, blogging, email marketing, blogger outreach, link-building, user interface design (UI), user experience design (UX), responsive design, conversion optimization, video marketing, big data, web analytics, and the ever-growing and changing marketing tool set.

If you or someone in your organization has time to keep informed on successes, failures and best practices in each of these areas, then you don’t need a digital marketer. If having current, practical, hands-on knowledge of these things is important, you may need a digital marketer. This is the knowledge you are paying a good digital marketer for. He or she stays current on all of this, so you don’t have to.

As a marketer with in-depth experience, current knowledge and a passion for marketing on the web, call me when you are ready to consult a digital marketer.




As a professional I work on many different types of design projects. These are not those projects.  These are a few recent designs that I've created for fun.

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