What is the Significance of the iPad?

We all know that the iPad is “Cool“. And by selling over 700,000 units in the first few days is also “Hot“. The iPad is fun to play with, show-off and even do work on. But what is the real significance of this mobile tablet device?

If you ask different people you are bound to get different answers, but to me I can see that the beginning of the end is here for print as we know it. I’m not saying that there will cease to be newspapers, magazines and books altogether. The vision of a “paperless” world of a few years ago is still a far off dream.  Many people will never change reading the written word on paper. But I am saying that the mass-adoption of hand-held “reader” devices like the iPad, HP’s Slate, Amazon’s Kindle and many other similar devices will be a game changer when it comes to the way we receive and digest written information.

Why do you think partnerships are forming between companies like Barnes and Nobles and Best Buy? Smart companies are thinking about how to take advantage of the way they deliver content to people. Google reader is a platform that will inevitability grow as more people adopt their reading habits. Companies like http://www.mygazines.com/ are positioned to help publishers make the jump to mobile.

I see a day in the not so distant future where local newspapers and magazines can be downloaded based on location. So let’s say you are visiting Atlanta, you can pull out your iPad, do a quick search, and easily download the complete “Creative Loafing” to find out about local events, restaurants and more. Or you can easily download the entire Atlanta Constitution for a small fee, and read on your device of choice.

Besides publishing, there are numerous other applications for these devices. How about a restaurant menu? Do you know how much an average restaurant pays for printing menu?  Believe me, over the course of a year it’s enough to pay for several iPads.

When it comes to developing applications for the iPad, the possibilities are endless. Do you have any thoughts as to how these types of devices will fit into our not so distant future?

Google Buzz vs. FriendFeed

As I’m getting used to logging on to, and posting on Google Buzz on a regular basis, a thought occurred to me: “This is just like “Friendfeed!”
Friendfeed is a aggregation of (almost) all of my social media accounts. So if I post to any of my 3 twitter accounts, or a few other places my post shows up in my FriendFeed.
Now Google Buzz does pretty much the same thing. As a matter of fact, all of my Friendfeed posts show up in my Google Buzz!

When Google Buzz was first launched Paul Buchheit, the creator of Gmail and a founder of FreindFeed, was among them and his initial reaction was: “This seems vaguely familiar . . .” Or, as he put it elsewhere, “There’s a FriendFeed in my Gmail. Sweet! :) “ Read more of Paul’s reaction at Tech Crunch.

Both services not only support text, and images, but comments and “likes” as well. Right now I’m only checking my Friendfeed because of some of the great people and sites I’m connected to there. If I could find a way to subscribe to all of these people through Google Buzz I would. After all, a guy can only check so many social media accounts. I’m currently active in like 12, so cutting one lose definitely won’t hurt. Especially if it’s not offering anything unique!

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