Marketing Your Small Business Presentation

The following slide s are from a presentation I did at the Triad SmugMug group on October 27th,  in Greensboro, NC. The group is made up of independent photographers who use to organize and send proofs for their digital photos. The groups organizer Evie Curley, from Evie Curley Photography invited me to talk to the group about Marketing 101. When I started thinking about how photographers market them selves I realized that it’s not very differently than most other small businesses. I put the following presentation together with all small businesses in mind with a particular emphasis on free tools and the D.I.Y. (do it yourself) mindset.

iPad, iPhone and Windows Mobile 7 Apps

Presentation that Brian Hitney and I created for our presentation at ConvergeSouth, technology conference in Greensboro, NC. The Mobile app market is constantly changing and evolving. It is also growing at the same pace. There are lots of different routes to development and tons of opportunity for developers and marketers.

iPad, iPhone and Windows Mobile 7 Apps

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