Blogging 101 & Everything I need to know About Social Media I Learned from Blogging

I gave this presentation yesterday, (January 19th, 2011) at the Linking Greensboro Luncheon.
I talked about how blogging has helped me grow personally and professionally.
This presentation is a high-level overview aimed at helping people get started blogging, but there is also some useful information and reminders for those who are already blogging.
The presentation itself was built using the free online tool, Prezi. I recomend playing it in full-screen mode. Prezi is flash-based so you won’t be able to view it on your iPhone, however they recently released a great free app that lets you view their presentations on the iPad, you can download it here: Prezi for iPad.
I also have an audio recording of this presentation, leave me a comment or contact me if you are interested in downloading it.

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