Eat Good Feel Good

eat Good, feel Good. We Are What We Eat
In this day and age there is enough information available for us to make some pretty strong conclusions about the relationships between our diets and our health. For my family, eating organic has gone from an occasional thing, to 90% of the food we buy. Besides that our family has gone from just me eating gluten-free, to a “mostly” gluten free and a vegetarian diet.

My kids are quick to say that they aren’t vegetarian. They jump at the chance to eat the chicken, cheese and hamburgers that we don’t feed them anymore. I’m glad that they can enjoy other foods when were eating out, or at friends house. But when it comes to our house, they eat what we eat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to convert others to this diet. I believe everyone should be aware of the things that are in our food that makes it bad for us and ,eat what they think is best for them. I am advocating understanding what you put into your mouth.  

We Are What We Eat
Since we have made the switch this past summer I feel much better than I used to in many ways.  I’m less tired, get upset stomach less, and I haven’t been sick a day since I’ve started it. These days I’m much more satisfied with a kale salad then I would be having a greasy cheesy steak. Eat Good, Feel Good has proven a true statement for me!



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