Brontosaurus is Back

The Brontosaurus is Back!

Remember the good old days when the furthest planet in our solar system from the sun was the planet Pluto, and the biggest dinosaurs were called Brontosaurus?

Then came the uncertain days. Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore, and poor old Brontosaurus (which means Thunder Lizard) went the way of the dodo bird. Even worse than the dodo, the Brontosaurus wasn’t extinct, scientists told us it never even existed. They told us that these dinos were actually Apatosaurus all along. How disappointing!

Now these things are coming back to us. Pluto is once again a planet, not just a lump of ice. And as of today the largest of the dinosaurs, the mighty and majestic Brontosaurus is once again validated as its own Dinosaur! The young scientist inside of me suddenly feels at peace with the world again.


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