Coffee is for Closers

Coffee is for Closers


Does coffee give us super-powers? Maybe not.

Does coffee help us work harder? Does it motivate us, keep us alert, inspire us? Yes it does!

Coffee fuels ambition, designs, code and yes, it can even help sales.

The quote “Coffee is for closers” has a true ring to it for anyone who is ever made a sale. It simply makes sense. Closers drink coffee. Coffee gives them the edge they need to make the sale. This is the way I like to think of this quote.

However, if you’ve seen the 1992 movie Glengarry Glen Ross, you’ll remember that the context of this quote was quite different. In the middle of  the high-pressure “motivational” monologue given by Alec Baldwin’s character, Blake, Jack Lemmon’s character pours himself a cup of coffee. Blake then tells him, “put that coffee down! coffee is for closers only.”
Blake goes on to tell them about their new sales contest. First Place gets a Cadillac, second place gets a set of steak knives, and third place gets fired. This scene, and this movie depict the worst selling conditions and the harshest type of sales pressure there is. This type of selling has always left a bad taste in my mouth.

When I was young I worked in an office where this type of high-pressure selling was part of the corporate culture. I didn’t do the selling, but I sat in on the sales meetings, helped run the contests, and witnessed the culture that valued the sales numbers over everything else. Something never did sit right with me about this type of sales, part of it felt dirty to me. Sales are important. Heck sales are very important, but sales is not everything.

Because of this nagging feeling, this bad taste I had in my mouth about sales, I struggled when the day came when I had to sell. The day that I realized that I had to be a salesman was the day I opened my own business. All of a sudden I had to be the one making the sale. I had to be the closer. Having to feed my family was an excellent motivator, and I soon overcame my fear of sales. But in the process I realized something. When you are providing a product or service that has value equal to the money that is changing  hands, you have more than a sale, you have a mutually beneficial transaction. And if the product or service meets or exceeds the expectation, you can have more. That initial transaction can be the basis for something much more important than a sale, if everything goes well you can build a relationship, and a relationship is something to celebrate! Put that on your sales chart.

So what is better than pouring coffee down your throat while making phone call after phone call, desperately trying to make a sale? A better way to use coffee is sitting down with your prospect and sharing a cup of coffee, while taking the time to know them and their business.

Coffee is for closers, but closers build relationships.


Creativity and Technology Intersect at ConvergeSouth

digital creativity and technologyThe intersection creativity and technology has called to me ever since I first learned how to run Adobe Photoshop on an Apple computer back in college. I was amazed at what could be done with a mouse and a keyboard (once I learned how to use them), and a little bit of creative thinking. That was 20 years ago. Today my interest in exploring creativity and technology have taken me way beyond Photoshop, or anything I could have ever imagined in 1993.

The onset of faster and smaller computers has brought about amazing transformations in how we all use technology in our daily lives. The social networks have brought people together in new ways and mobile technology has put the power of computers at our fingertips 24/7.  With all of this new connectivity came new opportunities. A whole new marketplace opened up on the web. Digital marketing was no longer an afterthought, but has become the focus for many smart organizations. As the digital dust settled, several clear ways to market on the web emerged: Social, Search and Content marketing are three main areas that have proven themselves as effective. And lets not forget all of the creative folks it takes to build the web itself. Programmers, developers, designers, copywriters and videographers are more important than ever as the internet is consistently being built, re-built and expanded.

The marriage of creativity and technology is the driving force behind the big changes in our world. It’s what fuels innovation, drives marketing campaigns, and creates websites with awesome user interactions and useful applications for your mobile phone.

How are you involved in the ever-expanding world of creativity and technology, and how are you keeping up with the skills that will keep you relevant in this fast-paced digital landscape?

If you live in North Carolina, the ConvergeSouth conference is an excellent way to  learn from, and interact with, the top minds in these fields. The ConvergeSouth speakers are professionals who are engaged in these activities day after day.

Take the time to register for ConvergeSouth today. After all, exploring Technology & Creativity is the reason why this conference exists.

Visit out for more information.
(use the code CSMAGNETIC for 25% off of your Ticket!)

And make sure you stick around at lunch to see my session: Facebook, 10 bite-sized tips for facebook pages.


Marketing Panel- Marketing Made Clear

If you’ve been paying attention over the past few years you’ve noticed that the world of marketing has undergone a huge shift. New technology, including mobile and social networks have created new opportunities to reach your target market in new and exciting ways. It’s not just the technology that has changed though, consumers have changed too. Customers are smarter than ever and they have more of a voice then ever.

If you are in the Triad area and if you have questions about marketing, Marketing Made Clear is a great event for you. Find out how you should leverage new media to promote your business, and get exposed to some great ideas as four local marketers (including myself) discuss the different types of marketing that is working, and not working today.

Here are the details:

Marketing Made Clear

Defining the Levels of Marketing Providers

Thursday, June 23, 2011 from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

NewBridge Bank

1501 Highwoods Blvd., Suite 400
GreensboroNC 27410

Networking 8:00am | Program begins 8:30am


Denny Kelly, President & CEO, Bouvier Kelly, Inc.

Jeff SanGeorge, Owner, Connect Marketing and Design

Malinda Pengelly, President, BEM Interactive

John Chafatelli, Director of Marketing, PIP Printing and Marketing Services


Click the link to register today:


Sponsored by : The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce and

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