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In 2015 I discovered that my family name SanGeorge (San George), was actually derived from Sangiorgi, not SanGeorgio as I had previously been told. I wrote about it in a blog post here.  After that, I began searching the internet for the name Sangiorgi to try and find out more about the family and it’s history. That’s when I came across a coat of arms for family Sangiorgi on from a book published in 1670.

After researching Heraldry, I found that everything in the coat of arms (aka: Family Crest) , including colors, shapes, character position, etc, are all symbolic, and have meaning!

For example, the Griffin featured in the main section, or charge, is a half lion, half eagle, represents courage and boldness, and is used to denote strength and military courage and leadership.
This style of griffin is called a rampant griffin. Rampant is the position it’s in, standing on one hind leg, about to attack. This griffin is also facing left, which means it is facing dexter. The dexter side is considered the side of greater honor. Also the wings indicate that this is a female griffin.

Sangiorgi Coat of Arms from 1670

Original Sangiorgi coat of arms, circa 1670.

If you are interested in Purchasing a Sangiorgi Coat of Arms die-cut Sticker, please use the paypal button below.

Sangiorgi coat of arms - color version

This updated coat of arms, with color, was uploaded to Wikipedia in 2012.

These prices are deliberately kept low as to only cover the price of printing the stickers and shipping them.
Any profit goes directly to my kids, who will be filling the orders!

We are not doing this to make a profit, but to share this with our Sangiorgi (aka San George, St. George, Saint George) family around the world!

The actual stickers are a 2″ X 3″ (5.07cm x 7.62cm), thick, durable vinyl that will protect it from scratches, water & sunlight. You can see a photo of the actual stickers at the top of this page.

Note: Shipping is included in prices!
Prices also include local (North Carolina, USA )sales tax. Once you place the order it should take 4-6 days to arrive in the US, and 10-14 days to arrive in other countries.



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