Creativity and Technology Intersect at ConvergeSouth

digital creativity and technologyThe intersection creativity and technology has called to me ever since I first learned how to run Adobe Photoshop on an Apple computer back in college. I was amazed at what could be done with a mouse and a keyboard (once I learned how to use them), and a little bit of creative thinking. That was 20 years ago. Today my interest in exploring creativity and technology have taken me way beyond Photoshop, or anything I could have ever imagined in 1993.

The onset of faster and smaller computers has brought about amazing transformations in how we all use technology in our daily lives. The social networks have brought people together in new ways and mobile technology has put the power of computers at our fingertips 24/7.  With all of this new connectivity came new opportunities. A whole new marketplace opened up on the web. Digital marketing was no longer an afterthought, but has become the focus for many smart organizations. As the digital dust settled, several clear ways to market on the web emerged: Social, Search and Content marketing are three main areas that have proven themselves as effective. And lets not forget all of the creative folks it takes to build the web itself. Programmers, developers, designers, copywriters and videographers are more important than ever as the internet is consistently being built, re-built and expanded.

The marriage of creativity and technology is the driving force behind the big changes in our world. It’s what fuels innovation, drives marketing campaigns, and creates websites with awesome user interactions and useful applications for your mobile phone.

How are you involved in the ever-expanding world of creativity and technology, and how are you keeping up with the skills that will keep you relevant in this fast-paced digital landscape?

If you live in North Carolina, the ConvergeSouth conference is an excellent way to  learn from, and interact with, the top minds in these fields. The ConvergeSouth speakers are professionals who are engaged in these activities day after day.

Take the time to register for ConvergeSouth today. After all, exploring Technology & Creativity is the reason why this conference exists.

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And make sure you stick around at lunch to see my session: Facebook, 10 bite-sized tips for facebook pages.


iPad, iPhone and Windows Mobile 7 Apps

Presentation that Brian Hitney and I created for our presentation at ConvergeSouth, technology conference in Greensboro, NC. The Mobile app market is constantly changing and evolving. It is also growing at the same pace. There are lots of different routes to development and tons of opportunity for developers and marketers.

iPad, iPhone and Windows Mobile 7 Apps

ConvergeSouth Tech Conference

I’m really excited to be a presenter at the upcoming ConvergeSouth Tech conference in Greensboro, NC. ConvergeSouth’s call to arms is Creativity Online For Everyone.  When you talk about bringing technology and creativity together you have my attention.

The conference will take place on October 1st and 2nd, 2010, on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University and will feature three tracks: Personal Branding, Internet Strategy for Small Business, and Developing Outside the Box. My session will be in the development track. I will be co-presenting with Brian Hitney from Microsoft about mobile application development and marketing.
We live in a time where the functionality of mobile devices has made them incredibly useful and interactive. And now these smart phones are being adopted by the masses. All of this is creating tremendous opportunity for marketers and developers to create smart phone apps that harness the innovative functions of these devices. We will take a look at the development and marketing paths of three different mobile platforms, including:  Google Android, Windows Mobile and Apple iPhone, (and iPad).

Specifically, my part of the presentation will focus on application development for the iPhone and the iPad.  My company Connect Marketing & Design is currently finishing an original iPad application for a new restaurant opening in downtown Greensboro, called Bin 33. The app is an interactive wine list, and we took a unique approach in developing it by going outside of Apple’s Standard Development Kit (SDK).  I’ll write more about that app in another post.

So if you are in the Southeastern U.S. and interested in technology, online marketing, social media or web development you must to join us for this exciting conference!
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