Developing websites is a great synthesis of the creative and the technical.
Developing the code, and making the entire system of a website work properly, requires sharp analytics skills.

Creating the look and feel of a website requires a subtle eye for color, shape, form, and texture.

When you blend the two you get something that follows several sets of criteria, and often becomes the principle place for people to interact with your brand. In most cases it becomes the “homebase” of your online presence and activities.

It is important that a website looks “good” and matches company branding.  It is also important, that it represents the person or organization accurately, and represents the positions of the company correctly.

On the other hand there are specific, measurable goals for most websites. Getting visitors to take some type of action, or engagement with your website brings that person closer to becoming a customer.  This is done through organizing the design to support the goals of the website.

Building websites is consistently one of the most rewarding challenging and rewarding things that I do.


If you are interested in hiring me to design a website for you you should know the following:

  • I’m neither the most expensive, or least expensive web developer you will find.
  • A website is an investment of your time as well as your finances. Be prepared for both.
  • 95% of websites that are behind schedule are that way due to missing content.
  • Considering a website
  • The websites I build have basic social media and SEO baked” into” them, and often include digital strategy as well.
  • IF you just want a ” basic” website I may not be a good fit for you
  • IF you need a website that “does something” then I can help you.


Here are a few examples of websites that I’ve designed and developed:


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